International Property Investment Guideline

1. The buyer will first sign the reservation form and pay a reservation fee to the developer (non-refundable). 

2. Once we confirm the availability of the selected unit with the developer, the buyer will have to prepare his/her ID copy and address proof for the developer to prepare the contract.

3. When the buyer's personal document are received by us, we will then ask the developer to prepare the contract. At the same time, the buyer could assign our suggested solicitor or his/her personal solicitor to sign the contract.

4. When the contract is ready, the solicitor will make an appointment with the buyer to explain and sign the contract.

5. In general, when the buyer has signed and exchanged contract with the developer, the buyer will have to pay 10% to 25% of the purchase price as a deposit to the developer according to the payment schedule. (Please note that it takes time to proceed the bank transfer and we suggest that the buyer should transfer the amount of money to the developer's account within 14 days.)

6. For the balance of the payment, the buyer will have to follow the developer's payment schedule to settle accordingly. (Payment schedule varies from developers to developers.)

7. If the buyer is buying a off-plan overseas property, the buyer will normally apply mortgage for his/her international property with the banks. At this stage, we will suggest the most suitable international property mortgage loan to the buyer. (Before the buyer applies mortgage for his/her international property, they should be well-acknowledged with the mortgage requipment.)

8. When the project is about to be completed and the developer is going to turn the key to the buyer, the buyer could assign a surveyor to check the unit. (The fee will be bared by the buyer.)

9. If the buyer wants to let out their unit, the buyer could assign a letting company to take care of it. We could also suggest our trusted letting companies to the buyers.

Different countries have a different procedures when purchasing their properties. To find out more details on how to invest overseas properties, please look further into:

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