Service of OnePlatform International Property Limited

1) International Property Referrals

Teaming up with real estate developers and distributors from around the world, OnePlatform International Property Limited has access to the most up-to-date information on international property projects. Our professional team excels at understanding the clients’ needs and assisting them in building the most profitable portfolios.

2) International Properties Income & Expenses Analysis

OnePlatform International Property Limited's in-depth income and expenses analysis covers a wide range of items including potential rental income, appreciation, along with investment costs such as maintenance, repair and management fees for your international properties.

3) Leasing Management for International Properties

OnePlatform International Property Limited links the clients up with reliable leasing agencies for services such as recruiting tenants, creation and termination of tenancies, property management and rent collection for your international properties.

4) Mortgage Advice for International Properties

OnePlatform International Property Limited assists in the search for the best mortgage companies for your international properties with the most fitting interest rates and repayment details.

5) Tax Consultation for International Properties

OnePlatform International Property Limited consult on taxation affairs in accordance with tax laws for international properties in different countries.

6) Legal Advice for International Properties

Legal advice on international property management and transactions is available.

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