Invest Thailand's Property

Thailand is not only a tourist hotspot, but has also become one of the hottest overseas property investment locations in recent years, with Chinese buyers accounting for the majority. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is the first choice for investors. First of all, Bangkok is the intersection of the three major railway lines of the Trans-Asian Railway and the ASEAN Highway. It is also the number one support country of the Belt and Road Initiative. After the integration of the Belt and Road, Thailand will become the gateway for ASEAN to enter China. At the same time, according to the plan of the Ministry of Transport of Thailand and the Bangkok City Government, 19 railway systems in the Greater Bangkok area will be completed in 2029, which will complete the transportation network throughout Bangkok. In addition, Thailand has also launched the Thailand 4.0 program, which mainly aims to improve the infrastructure of Thailand to assist other industries and create a more favorable business environment. The return on investment in Bangkok properties can reach an average of 5-8%, and the local education and medical equipment are also quite perfect. Most of the properties are freehold, and the taxes are relatively simple compared to other countries. All of the above makes Bangkok a very favorable place for property investors.

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