Invest UK's Property

The UK is one of the preferred locations when it comes to immigration and overseas study. The capital, London, is a popular city for traditional investment in overseas real estate. In addition to London, Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool in the UK are also very popular with overseas investors. Due to the relatively high property prices in London and low returns, overseas buyers have shifted their focus to second-tier cities such as Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool. The British government has launched a major policy called the Northern Powerhouse, which aims to revitalize the economic intercommunication of the cities of northern England and the coordinated development of the region, creating a region comparable to the size of London's economy, benefiting cities including Manchester and Liverpool. Manchester has more than 200 financial institutions, 80 of which are FTSE companies. At the same time, the HS2 high-speed rail line being built in the UK will also be connected to the whole of the North and South of the UK. It takes only about 75 minutes for Manchester to travel to and from London. Manchester's property prices and rental returns are also very good. The annual increase is much higher than other cities. In addition, the current low exchange rate of the British pound has created a good opportunity to invest in UK properties.

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